Prince George at the London Model Engineers Exhibition.

From the 16th to the 18th January, the completed smokebox door, splasher, cab-side and running plate were displayed at the London Model Engineers Exhibition at the Ally Pally.

Being the largest exhibition of its type in the land, the event was exceptionally well attended and our display garnered a good deal of interest. Many came to inquire about the build and walked away with leaflets and we had a number of people with engineering expertise expressing interest in assisting with the project, which is most welcome.

We also garnered a great deal of media attention with the build featuring on BBC’s One Show as well as Radio coverage on Radio 2 and 4. Also representatives from a number of magazines including ‘Old Glory‘ and ‘Engineering in Miniature‘ came to speak with us and take photos. We want to thank them for stopping by.

Below are some photos of the display. We kindly thank Jayne Mansell, Exhibition Co-ordinator at Meridienne Exhibitions for these photos:

In other news, Keyte Smith Ltd who have undertaken a great deal of fabrication work will soon commence fabrication of the entire smoke-box. We can also announce the we have again raised sufficient funds to procure matched funding from our anonymous and most generous benefactor.

We have big plans in store for 2015 and so remember that your donations make all the difference! At the top of the page you’ll find a number of links to method of donation that best suits you. We thank you for your support.


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