An update on the Family of John Charles Bowen Cooke

A few days ago we were contacted by an amateur genealogist who has kindly taken up our challenge and commenced ‘the chase’.

The search has just barely commenced but already he has managed to shed light on some new information and tantalising leads. We now know that Faith Francis died in 1980 in Cambourne Cornwall and tantalisingly had at least one child. Bowen Cooke’s eldest son Charles was born 1886 and died in 1929 (Birmingham). Victor may have been married and died 1988 in Kingsbridge, Devon.

The search will continue for more relatives with an emphasis on finding those living. We are indeed excited to know more and grateful for his efforts. If anyone can assist, please to contact us.

Will will of course keep all our followers and supporters updated with developments as they transpire and we will soon put up the photos from the 22nd July celebrations at Quorn.

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