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More on the Smokebox Door

We thought it’d be a good time to briefly update our supporters and followers on where we’re at with the fabrication of the new smokebox door. Here is an account of the work that is currently being undertaken to complete it. As you’ve no doubt seen from the images in the previous post, the outer door profile has been fabricated through metal spinning.

We are now at the stage of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) of the completed profile, which we will arrange with a third party. Pursuant to a successful test our supplier, Keyte Smith Ltd will proceed with the fabrication of central boss to be fixed to the outer door profile, the fabrication of the dart, dart handle, hand-wheel and collar.

Following the completion of this work will then commence on the top and bottom hinge bracket assembly, the baffle plate, inner profile and inner ring. Upon final assembly and painting we will have a completed door for a LNWR George the Fifth!

We of course hope to announce the next stage of fabrication soon pending a final decision. We are also still in the process of speaking to interested parties concerning a home for the trust and have a number of potential leads. What is important is that we find a good mutual fit.

Again we kindly ask our readers and followers to make a one-off donation or better still, become a part of (re)making history by becoming a supporter of the trust with a standing order. Monthy standing orders can be made for any amount and can be cancelled at any time.Be a part of building something marvellous and something that will delight and educate people for generations to come – a testament to British heritage and British manufacturing. As with other new-builds, this unique machine will also help ease the load of our elderly heritage rail stock.

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Progress on the Smokebox Door

While things have been a tad quiet on this blog there has been a good deal of activity behind the scenes. Through a process known as metal spinning the outer smokebox door itself has been fabricated thanks to Keyte Smith Ltd and Purdie Dished Ends of Bradford. The first photo shows the profile being pressed while the second and third show the fabrication of the flange.

Further work needs to be done on the door before it’s complete and we hope to have more updates in the near future as well as some exciting announcements including the roadmap beyond this small but significant step for the project.

And so, in addition to the original LNWR whistle that was kindly donated by friend and supporter Robin Dean, we are well on our way to fabricating the first new part of a LNWR George the Fifth!

We must of course humbly thank our supporters and kindly ask to for your continued support. If you’re not a supporter but would like to see a new LNWR George the Fifth for mainline and preservation line operation, we encourage you to make a donation or become a subscriber. The form is available at the top of this page.

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