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Liverpool Pals Memorial unveiled at Lime St Station

With 2014 marking the centenary year for the commencement of the Great War, all across the country memorials have been unveiled and solemn ceremonies held to commemorate those who served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice in ‘the war to end all wars’. The Great War has recently passed from living memory but such memorials will ensure that the service and sacrifice shall never be forgotten.

One such memorial is the Liverpool Pals Memorial, which was unveiled at Lime Street Station by the HRH Prince Edward on the 31st August.¬† ‘The Liverpool Pals’ were a collection of volunteer battalions from Liverpool, specifically¬† 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th service Bn. The Kings Liverpool Regiment. These men were not regular soldiers but¬† volunteers mainly from Liverpool and the surrounding areas, such now Wirral, North Wales and Lancashire.

Many were never to return.

George Jones of the Llangollen Railway Trust attended the ceremony and reported the following:

I made the effort to get to Lime Street this morning to see the
Liverpool Pals memorial as dedicated and unveiled by Prince Edward.

Arrived off Merseyrail just in time to see the official crowd disperse to St George’s Plateau and later access the Hall for the assorted militaria stalls.

The two friezes are hung high up above the entrance to the Wirral Line escalator on the station concourse. You need to be aware of their elevated position, otherwise you might miss them. Lots of people taking pics and the occasion attracted a lot of attention.

With his trusty little Canon, George managed to take a number of photos of the ceremony and the friezes, which include a frieze depicting the homecoming of those who survived with a London & North Western Railway Precursor Class bearing them home. Designed by George Whale, the Precursors were the antecedent class to the Georges, which were in essence a superheated variant with a number of front-end improvements.

All photos taken by George Jones.





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