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Gift Legacies

On behalf of the trust I apologise for our silence of late. Negotiations are currently taking place concerning the completion of the smokebox door, which when completed we hope to display publicly, and concerning the next phase of fabrication, which promises to be a more substantial task than anything to date.

Partnerships and alliances are also under detailed discussion and negotiation, and given the often sensitive, long and convoluted process involved with such negotiations it would be unwise to broadcast anything without absolute clarity nor without concrete decisions and agreements in place. To do so would jeopardise the generous trust that you, our supporters place in us as well as the trust of those who donate their time and expertise and those individuals, firms and societies which enter into partnership with us. When and only when the time is right will we make an announcement even if results in weeks or even months of silence. We will of course, do our utmost to keep you informed wherever and whenever possible and we are working as quickly as possible to secure critical agreements and build on the momentum we have to date.

So on behalf of the trust I would like to assure everyone that behind the scenes steady progress is being made and assure everyone that the Trust is thinking well beyond the mere production of a smokebox door without the rest of the locomotive to attach it to or a place to store it (the door or indeed an entire locomotive!). The task of building a new example of an extinct class of engine is as you would appreciate, a substantial one, and one that will undoubtedly take many years and require the tremendous generosity in money and time from many individuals such as yourself.

With this in mind that I would like to announce that the Trust now offers an additional method of providing support to this project. A method that revolves around a sensitive topic, which few of us like to discuss let alone think about. This involves Gift Legacies. None of us likes to consider the process of writing a Will and Testament or the implication of what that decision entails. Yet, a Will is an undoubtedly crucial document, which serves as a lasting  testament to our values, concerns, beliefs and interests.

The act of charitable giving is tremendously selfless act. We therefore kindly and humbly ask that you to seriously ponder whether your legacy; your values and interests would be served by the creation of a new locomotive – an example of one of Bowen-Cooke’s magnificent LNWR George the Fifths – a testament to the ingenuity and artistry of our ancestors that will serve to educate, inform and delight generations to come?  If your charitable interests accord with this vision and our aims then perhaps you might consider gifting a legacy to this project? Your great generosity will help ensure the completion of this project and the creation of a glorious LNWR George the Fifth to delight and educate future generations.

Further information can be found on our Legacy Form (PDF format. Left click to view and right click to download and save) including information on legacy options and on options for making a one-off or regular donation in the memory of someone dear. If you are considering a Gift Legacy, we invite you to contact us at or at the address provided on the form and we will seek to answer your questions.  We also encourage you to discuss it and the process of charitable giving with your solicitor or financial advisor. Click on the ‘How to Help‘ button above to see the myriad of ways you can help.

On behalf of everyone at the LNWR George the Fifth Steam Locomotive Trust we humbly thank you for your tremendous support and for choosing to be a part of this project. Together we will build a magnificent locomotive to be enjoyed by generations to come.

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We’re in the latest issue of Heritage Hub

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Rowan and the lads at Heritage Hub for the write-up in their latest issue of their excellent digital magazine. If you’re unfamiliar with Heritage Hub we strongly recommend checking it out. The UK Heritage Hub exists to foster interest in the wide diversity of heritage available within the UK. Galas, open days, and themed events. A group of dedicated volunteers, the lads at The Heritage Hub provide a vital service to the heritage rail movement as well as a cracking good read. You can find the current issue (featuring us) and back issues here:

Heritage Hub download page.

You can also follow them on Twitter here: @UKHeritageHub

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Register for Easyfundraising and help build a George the Fifth!

The LNWR George the Fifth Steam Locomotive Trust has just established yet another means of donating to the building of a new LNWR George the Fifth; a locomotive that when complete will be the sole representative of a 20th century express engine type of the London & North Western Railway and a rare example of a working Edwardian 4 coupled bogied (or 4-4-0) express suitable for mainline running!

The Trust has bene successful in establishing an account with Easyfundraising. You can now contribute to building one of these marvellous engines by simply registering on the Easyfundraising website here:

After registration, whenever you shop with any of over 2000 partnered retailers, the retailer will make a donation on your behalf of up to 15 percent of what you’ve spent, at no additional cost or effort to you! The donation will arrive to us within 30 days of your purchase.

It’s as simple as that!

The list of participating retailers is extensive (everything from airlines, hotels, electronics, clothing, books, hardware, sports-gear and insurance) and can be found here:

With Easyfundraising, you’re not only doing your bit for British retail but you happen to be helping to build a classic British steam locomotive (while also assisting British manufacturing along the way, and that can’t be a bad thing).

Of course, you can still make secure donations through Paypal simply by clicking the button that is found at the bottom of our main website or by downloading and filling out the donation form. A button those this is also found at the bottom of our main website:


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John ‘Wiggy’ Wigston.

Our good friend, John Wigston aka ‘Wiggy’ is an accomplished artist with a fascination for transport in all its forms but specifically John has had an abiding passion for railways since he was a lad. John has kindly painted a marvellously evocative scene of old Euston on behalf of the trust. It shows two ‘Georges’ waiting on platform for departure at Euston on an overcast day.

We hope to make further announcements about this wonderful painting shortly but in the meantime we thought we’d share it with you. We think it perfectly captures the spirit of the old ‘Premier Line‘ in its twilight years and the handsome and purposeful lines of the Georges. Sadly we can’t rebuild Euston (although there is a move to rebuild the Propylaeaum, otherwise famously and affectionately known as the Euston Arch – a move that we in the Trust wholeheartedly support) but with your help, we can certainly build a new George the Fifth!

Two Georges awaiting depature from Euston

In other news, if you’re a member or a ‘Friend of George‘, we expect to have the next newsletter ready by the end of November. We’re also currently seeking tender on the fabrication of the smokebox door and hope to have an announcement about this soon. Trustee Paul Hibberd will be appearing in front of the U3A (University of the Third Age) engineers in Hertford this Saturday to give a presentation on the build and Saturday week, we will be appearing at the LNWR Society to present progress on the build. Busy times!

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George at the Great Central.

What a sight that would be! A new-build LNWR George the Fifth in full-flight on Britain’s (and the world’s?) only preservation society dedicated to preserving a former mainline and operating an extended double-track where the one can experience the trill of steam engines passing at speed!

To get to this stage however, numerous small and incremental steps are required. One of those steps was the GCR Gala at Loughborough where some of the team (Tom and Paul) as well as friends and members,  Marcello Gabrielli and Richard Walsh of the Jinty Appeal (more anon) were were in attendance, manning our modest stall, taking donations, memberships and fielding questions. The response again was tremendously positive and we thank everyone who paid us a visit. We also thank the wonderful staff at the Great Central Railway and we heartedly recommend a visit if you’ve never been, and a revisit if you have.You may notice in the photo below that Paul and Tom are holding a drawing. This is a fairly obvious clue to what we’ll be fabricating first. Yes that’s letting the proverbial cat out of the bag somewhat earlier than intended but the lads are justifiably excited by this development. We hope to officially announce this shortly once all the T’s are crossed and those I’s are well-and-truly dotted.

Regarding the Jinty Appeal. We’d like to encourage our readers and members to consider assisting Marcello and Richard at the Jinty Appeal with the overhaul of 47357, an LMS 3F Jinty at Butterley. £40,000 to complete the restoration properly and the task is being undertaken by the Midland Railway -Butterley‘s younger volunteers. If you wish to assist with a donation, however small while helping the next generation of rail preservationists carry the torch you can visit the appeal’s site here.

And remember, you can be a part of making a new George the Fifth a reality. Donations can be made and memberships forms can be obtained from our website here.

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A reminder!

Just a quick reminder that we’ll be present at the GCR Gala at Loughborough on the 7th October. We hope you can make it for a great day out. Support the GCR and come have a chat with us in the process. We of course humbly welcome all donations and memberships, and we encourage all those out there watching this project to get behind us! Donations and Memberships can be performed through the Trust’s website but forms will also be available at the gala.

The groundwork for the fabrication on our first significant piece of a new George continues behind the scenes. After the gala we expect to commence discussions with suppliers, obtaining quotes for fabrication. Not until we’ve locked in an agreement and the contract is signed off with a supplier will we declare which part of the engine we’re having fabricated (It’s fairly substantial and no, it’s not the name or number plates!). When we do we hope that you’ll be pleased with how your support is beginning to bear fruit and that through your support, together we’ll move forward in the task of building a new George.

I’d love to be able to say more but right now all I can say is friends, watch this space!


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Our next newsletter.

In case you were wondering what has happened to our monthly newsletters from our Chairman, Bruce Nixon, we hope to have the next one ready in November and in it a substantial announcement on the fabrication side of things. No promise and details and negotiations a still in flux but here’s hoping we can inform all our supporters and followers of some of the developments behind the scenes.

Remember too, that we’ll be manning a stall at the GCR in Loughborough on the 7th October. We hope to see you there!


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The word is spreading!

The word is spreading!

The LNWR George the Fifth Steam Locomotive Trust and our quest to build a new LNWR George the Fifth class engine for heritage and mainline use has garnered the attention of the heritage rail press. Heritage Railway, Steam Railway and Railway magazines have all recently featured articles outlining the establishment of the trust, our aim to build a new member of this brilliant class of engines and our recent attendance at Railfest in York where, thanks to the generosity of supporter, Mr Robin Dean, the trust acquired the first piece of the locomotive, a genuine LNWR whistle.

The offers of support and interest shown has been tremendous however we continue to welcome offers of assistance, donors, subscribers and friends. Head over to our website for more information on how you can assist.  The Trust is working hard to implement the next phase and we hope to be able to present further news of developments relatively soon.

In the meantime, one of our young supporters, Tom Mainprize has established a Facebook page dedicated to the Trust and the project. We invite all users of Facebook to head on over to Tom’s page and sign up. Tom will be regularly updating the page with news and articles. As a forum for like-minded enthusiasts and supporters on Facebook, the page promises to be place for lively discussions concerning the trust, the project, the LNWR and the steam preservation movement in general:

The George the Fifth Steam Locomotive Trust on Facebook.

A link can also be found beneath the banner of this page.

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