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Prince George Frame Cutting

We are delighted to announce that the front frame-plates have been cut by Tata Steel in Wednesfield, Wolverhampton. We hope to have more photos and information to share in the near future but in the mean-time wed like to share this photos of the cutting process. The frames will thence be stored at Heckmondwike.

Our thanks goes to Gillian Hibberd for taking the photos.

The final photos shows from the left: Paul Hibberd – LNWR George the Fifth Steam Locomotive Trust. Centre Brian Hayes, Chairman of the LNWR Society, on the right Tom Mainprize from the Trust. New front frame on the right of the picture.

We are also delighted to announce that our most generous mystery donor has forwarded another tranche of matched-funding, given the success of our fund-raising efforts to date. This would of course not be possible without your support and remember you donations are matched not only by these tranches of matched-funding but by Gift-Aid so each contribution makes a world of difference to the build.

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A daughter’s love.

We’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and to thank Mrs. Vivian Stewart, who has recently made a generous donation to the Trust of £84 in memory of her late father, Mr Alfred Gilbert Laundon. Mr Laundon was an ardent enthusiast for all matters London and North Western most fittingly, each pound represents a year of his life.

We are touched and humbled by this gesture and this donation in honour of the late Mr Laundon will contribute to the completion of the build. This of course provides us with an opportunity to remind everyone of our acceptance of Legacies. For the ardent rail enthusiast there could not be a more fitting tribute than the completion of a new-build steam locomotive to be appreciated for generations to come.  Our website (under the How to Help tag) and the link (Legacy Form) at the top of this page provide a downloadable form in PDF format (Adobe Reader required) with all the necessary information on our to make a legacy donation to the Trust. If you require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

If you would like to donate in honour of a loved one, please contact us directly at with the particulars, and with your consent we will acknowledge the donation as we have done here for Mrs Stewart and her father, Mr Laundon. If the idea catches on we will look to list these honorary donations permanently on the main website.


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Smokebox door on display this Easter!

At last, the newly fabricated smokebox door will be on public display at the Great Central Railway’s ‘Easter Vintage Festival’, with the festivities taking place across the Easter long weekend from the 18th to 21st April and centred at Quorn Station.

There’ll be plenty for everyone – from steam-powered gallopers and a big wheel, traction engines, drays, steam powered farm equipment, live music, craft stalls, real food and real ale and of course timetabled steam-hauled rides along the GCR line with events at every station.

The LNWR George the Fifth Steam Locomotive Trust will be there from noon Friday and our stand replete with smokebox door – on public display for the very first time – will be adjacent to the “Edwardian Saw Bench” Steam Powered Wood Sawing demonstration at Quorn.

For more information and to book tickets, visit the Festival website here. Note that parking at Quorn Station is strictly limited. We do hope that our supporters and followers can make it for an exciting and entertaining three days. Tell your friends, tell your family and we hope to see you there!

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October Newsletter now available.

We’re now making our October Newsletter generally available to all to download. This was sent out to our supporters and friends in October. You will require Adobe reader installed to view the document. If you don’t have it installed (and most people do), you can download it for free here: Adobe Reader

Get your copy of the October Newsletter here:


To view if you have Adobe Reader installed just left click on the link. If you wish to save it first, right click on the link and select ‘Saved Linked Content As’


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Those ‘flimsy frames’?

2013? Hard to believe. We hope you are all well and wish you all the best for the coming year. We also hope to have some news for you in the coming weeks now that Christmas is out of the way.

In the meantime we’d like to bring an article written by Ted Talbot for the January edition of ‘Back Track‘ entitled “Centre Bearings, Weak Frames and all that” to your attention. It concerns the removal of the Centre Bearings and frames from LNWR engines, which was authorised in 1923 and had a deleterious effect on the reliability, maintenance costs etc of the engines. Ted’s article looks at the consequences, assesses the reputation that LNWR engines subsequently received, that of having ‘flimsy-frames’ (undeserved argues Ted) and the likely motivations of this removal (a decision emanating from the smoke-filled rooms of Crewe’s old rival, Derby perhaps?)

The Centre Bearing was a feature of LNWR engines employing Joy valve gear where the space on the driving axle typically occupied by the eccentrics driving the steam chests found with Stephensons gear was instead occupied by a centre bearing in addition to the axle box bearings, which served to lessen the fore & aft shocks on the crank axle. To illustrate what a Centre Bearing and frame was, Ted has kindly provided us with a photograph of between the frames on a 5in gauge model of a D class 0-8-0 (the unsuperheated Whale 0-8-0 with large boiler). Note the central plate or frame and the Central Bearing between the connecting rods and cranks. Note too that the steam-chest linkages to the con-rods known as the valve rods and the reverse gear linkages have been removed here for clarity.

We heartedly recommending Ted’s fascinating article. We also recommend the Back Track journal for anyone interested in the rich and endlessly fascinating history of Britain’s railways.

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Into the Dawn

Into the Dawn by Grant ReganTo celebrate the launch of the Trust, member Grant Regan recently completed a painting of an unnamed George the Fifth on a morning express to symbolise the rebirth of the class. Over distant hills, the first rays of a new day are glimpsed. Titled ‘Into the Dawn‘ we hope that it conveys the spirit of the LNWR Georges and of the the ‘Premier Line‘, the London & North Western Railway.

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